Angelica Pickles
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Age 2 1/2-4
Parents Drew (Father), Charlotte (Mother)
Series information
First seen Tommy's First Birthday
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Angelica Charlotte Pickles (born May 28, 1987) is a character voiced by Cheryl Chase in the Nickelodeon film movies, is among the shows' original characters. She is an adorable and very beautiful 2 1/2-4 year old girl and the cousin of Tommy and Dil Pickles, serves as one of the main characters of the movies.


In the Rugrats, Angelica has shoulder-length blonde hair tied up in 2 pigtails with purple bows. She wears a sleeveless knee-length purple dress, an orange and black striped long-sleeved blouse with flared cuffs and dark blue and green polka-dotted tights. During Season 1, a diaper can be seen under her dress. Despite her cuteness and beauty, Angelica can best be described as the spoiled, vain, sarcastic and selfish antagonist cousin of Tommy and Dil Pickles. She is known for frequently manipulating the babies for her own gain and calls them "dumb babies," though she really is a baby herself. When the character Susie Carmichael was introduced, she was soon favored among the babies, causing Angelica to start a rivalry with her.

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