Betty DeVille



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Age 34
Children Phil (Son), Lil (Daughter),
Series information
First seen Tommy's First Birthday
Real Name Elizabeth Giselle-DeVille
Portrayer Katie Source
Elizabeth "Betty" Giselle-DeVille is the very attractive and unbearably beautiful tomboy mother of Phil and Lil.

Character BioEdit

Phil and Lil's mom Betty is really nice, but also really LOUD. She's best friends with Tommy and Dil's mom Didi, and they do a lot of stuff together. Betty's also really into sports. Just ask her about it, or anything else, She comes in as a big, loud, friendly woman. Even though they outwardly seem to be opposites , Betty and Didi are best friends. Although she comes off as a tough gal despite her attractiveness and beauty, always giving a friendly-but-painful backslap, Betty fawns over her twins with the instincts of a mother bear. She loves a good cup of coffee and is always quick with a wity comment.

Relationship with HowardEdit

Betty worries less than Didi, but acts quickly if a child is upset or afraid, making sure that the fun can continue without tears. She loves sports and health food. Howard is the opposite to Betty, a small, shy and quiet man who rarely gets a word in edgeways. He often hangs out with Stu, Drew and Chaz and has many allergies and phobias. Phil and Lil's parents Betty and Howard, live next door to the Pickles famiy. Betty is big, loud, colorful and lovely, best friends with Didi, and treats all of the Rugrats as entertaining companions.


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