Dil Pickles

Dil Pickles

Dil Pickles AGU

Dil 300


Adult Dil

Nicknames(s) Dil
Age 3-months
Parents Stu (Father), Didi (Mother), more...
Series information
First seen The Rugrats Movie
Real Name Dylan Prescot Pickles
Portrayer Tara Strong

Dylan Prescott "Dil" Pickles (born August 28, 1991) is brother of Tommy Pickles, younger son of Stu and Didi Pickles, and younger cousin of Angelica Pickles on the Nickelodeon shows Rugrats and All Grown Up! . Named after Didi's cousin, Dylan "Dil" Prescott, he was born in The Rugrats Movie (released November 20, 1998, ). His name is a pun of dill pickles.

Rugrats Edit

Dil joined the Rugrats cast in 1998. From the very beginning, Dil had curly yet limited hair on his head, and he almost always wore yellow trap-door pajamas (though in the movies, his pajamas were purple). Because of his age, Dil could not say as many words as the other Rugrats. For the final five years of Rugrats' run, Dil had to learn on how to be a Rugrat. He always wanted everything at his age and would always do whatever he could to get anything. When he grabbed something, the first thing he grabbed was Tommy's nose and that made Tommy cry at him and he cried for weeks, but Didi and Stu find out they didn't give him his pacifier. He would often say, "Mine!" (Which incidentally was his first word). He was just as selfish as his cousin Angelica, and always cried until something would get his attention. Dil's cuteness, however, saved Dil from becoming an Angelica-clone. When Didi was pregnant with Dil, she expected him to be a girl and she and Stu planned to name him "Trixie" after Stu's mother (Tommy also reveals that another name they had considered was "Delilah") but named him after Didi's cousin Dylan.

Dil would always call Angelica "Yucky" (or "Yakee", as he pronounced it), and he was also a hair puller. His favorite sports were tennis (as evidenced in "Silent Angelica") and baseball (as revealed in "Hand Me Downs"). And Dil would always be called up to save the other Rugrats at the right time (as when Dil found the treasure in "Club Fred"). Dil remained the same height until a 2003 episode titled "Back to School" when he, according to his father, Stu Pickles, "grew an inch". GALLERY? You can find dil pickles gallery here