Dil Pickles

Dil Pickles

Dil Pickles AGU

Dil 300


Adult Dil

Nicknames(s) Dil
Age 3-months
Parents Stu (Father), Didi (Mother), more...
Series information
First seen The Rugrats Movie
Real Name Dylan Prescot Pickles
Portrayer Tara Strong

Rugrats Physical Appearance Edit

Dil has buttercream frost skin, black large curled up hair, black eyebrows, black eyes, a black nose, and a squiggly black mouth.

Dil wears yellow pajamas with orange outline plus a red button, he also wears a white diaper with yellow tapes.

All Grown Up! Physical Appearance Edit

Dil has now peach-tan skin, red peach hair, still black eyebrows, still black eyes, a still black nose, and a curvy black mouth with white teeth.

Dil now wears a yellow shirt with a red stripe, teal-blue shorts, white socks, and teal and white sneakers.

Gallery Edit

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