Drew Pickles
Nicknames(s) Drew
Age 32
Children Angelica (Daughter), more...
Series information
First seen Tommy's First Birthday
Real Name Andrew Pickles
Portrayer Michael Bell
Andrew "Drew" Pickles (voiced by Microsoft Sam): Married to Charlotte Pickles and is the father of Angelica Pickles. He is also the Uncle of Tommy and Dil Pickles and the brother-in-law of Didi Pickles. He is also the oldest  son of Lou Pickles. He is really close with his brother Stu.

Drew has a cult following online on sites such as Newgrounds and YouTube since 2005, under a completely different personality as a homosexual, disgusting, sadistic, misogynistic, racist, rapist, in a homosexual group called the Barney Bunch, starring in many videos using electronic voices such as Speakonia and Coolspeech.

He is the gayest poopy faggot in the world who is also widely known for his mastadonic 300 mile long cock and his bumpy haha bump relationship with Barney the triple testicle dinosaur.


Although he's clean-cut with short, neat hair and glasses, Stu's older brother Drew looks otherwise identical to him. The similarity, however, between the two ends there. 

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