Profile Edit

Name: Ethel (last name unspecified)
Nickname: Famous Ethel
Status: Elderly Entrepreneur
Voiced By: Tress MacNeille


Famous Ethel is a "cookie tycoon", who sells her company to Charlotte's 'MergeCorp'. At first, she appears to be all-business, and is very hestiant about letting Charlotte buy her small business. However her meeting with Charlotte is cut short when Jonathan bursts in and whispers to Charlotte that Tommy and Angelica are missing. Determined to find them, she leaves them with Jonathan momentarily to stall Ethel and her husband. But Jonathan is not doing a very well job when he brings up a television show, to which Ethel quickly answers "We think Television is evil". When Ethel and her husband come to the commotion they hear from the room, that Angelica had wrecked the "Cookie World" model from, they hear Charlotte sternly but calmly scold Angelica for misbehaving. After seeing which, she leaves with her husband. Afterwards they find a fired Jonathan and convince him to take them to Charlotte. Ethel then tells her that she was very impressed by Charlotte's maternal instincts that it convinced her to sell.

Her name is a reference to Famous Amos, a brand of cookies.