Nicknames(s) "Hey Arnold"
Age 37
Children Tommy Pickle's Dad
Series information
First seen Has not yet appeared in show
Real Name Chris "Bigpapa" Blevins
Portrayer David "Phreak" Turley

"Hey sprouts..."

Grandpa yearsEdit

Known as "Nacho" by his peers, he was seen as perhaps one of the best dads across the whole series. Then his children had children of their own, and he became grandpa character. After grandpa transformation, he watched Chuckie Finster bloom into a young teen that made many videos for Stu Pickles in private. After years of witnessing this, he decided to quit the show and retire to being a real irl grandpa.

After leaving the show, he was contacted by different NBC, ABC, and CBS aired sitcoms, who were all in need of a kind, gentle grandfather character. He turned all this down, as he was afraid it would kill his image of being a really hard fuckin guy who could pull bitches like a motherfucker. This led to him taking up heroin and driving from club to club, hopping with every bitch he picked up.

In actuality, while he looked like an old man on the outside, this was only because his children had children. He was actually 37 years old. During grandpa transformation, his body wrinkled and his seed became tainted, now forever damned to not make anymore children with the bitches he picked up. This allowed him to bed-hop with a lot of cool ladies who let him into their vaginas without worry of impregnating them and creating more grandpa opportunities.

After 7 years of rampant sexual activity and harsh drug use, grandpa pickel died from ebola.

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