Meet the Carmichaels is a season 2 episode of Rugrats. This marks the first appearance of Susie and her family. It aired on January 10, 1993. Its sister episode is The Box.


The Pickles get new neighbors: The Carmichaels! As Didi meets Lucy (a doctor) and Stu talks with Randy (who works on The Dummie Bears cartoons), Tommy gets to know their youngest daughter Susie. Will Tommy and Susie be able to find where her room is located in the Carmichaels’ new house? - Description from Klasky Csupo.


The episode begins in Tommy’s front yard, where Tommy, Phil, and Lil are picking up grass, then throwing it to each other, while Didi is trimming the hedges. They see a man hammering a sign that says “FOR SALE”, which is under a sign that says “SOLD” across the street. Didi tells Betty, who is lifting weights, that used to be the Peytons’ house. Betty says whoever brought the house must have not known it was built on an ancient Indian burial ground. Didi says what Betty said was just a myth. Betty doesn’t believe Didi, and believes it’s the reason why the Peytons moved out. Tommy says someone else brought the Peytons’ house. Phil and Lil say it’s terrible, and they have to stop who’s going to live in the house. Then they ask Tommy who the Peytons are, since they don’t know them very well. Tommy replies that he doesn’t know who the Peytons are, either. Then, a moving van stops by at the Peytons’ house. Didi is on the phone with Betty, who tells them who brought the house. After Didi hangs up, she tells Stu, who is working on a new invention, that the new neighbors just moved in, and that they should meet them and introduce themselves. Stu asks Didi if they have to, because he never knows what to say to people when he first meets them. Didi asks Stu what the husband does, while Stu nervously replies “What?”. Didi says that the husband is the head writer for The Dummi Bears. Stu exicitedly says that The Dummi Bears is his favorite cartoon, and says that the family meets the new neighbors right away. So Didi makes a Jell-O-Mold for the new family.

A few minutes later, Stu and Didi take the Jell-O-Mold to the Peytons’ house. Stu thinks that a Jell-O-Mold isn’t a great housewarming gift. When Didi walks into the house, she says "Hello? Anybody home? It’s your new neighbors!". Stu says that the house is under a curse. Then a man carrying a box tells Stu to move. Just then, a brown-skinned woman appears behind Stu. Didi comments on a lamp, but one of the men’s shoulders hits the lamp and it breaks. The woman introduces herself as Lucy Carmichael and says that she made the lamp a couple of years ago. Then she takes Stu and Didi to another area of the new house. Stu discovers the husband's name: Randy Carmichael. Randy is trying to put up a curtain. Lucy says that Randy doesn’t really like talking about the Dummi Bears. Then, Lucy introduces Didi to the children, 10-year old Buster, 15-year old Alisa, 8-year old Edwin, and 3-year old Susie. Susie is crying because she wants a lollipop. Lucy tells Susie that crying isn’t the way to get what she wants. Then Lucy and Didi go to the kitchen to put Didi's Jell-O-Mold in the fridge.

Susie stops crying when she sees Tommy, and she introduces herself to him. Tommy knew about Susie's lollipop, but Susie says it isn’t important right now. Then she decides to show Tommy around the house. In the kitchen, Lucy throws away the broken lamp. Then, Lucy opens the fridge and says she had never been so stocked up on Jell-O-Molds. Betty gave Lucy a Jell-O-Mold that looks like a lifting weight. Then, Lucy says Patty O’Riley sent in a Jell-O-Mold that looks like a shamrock. Then, Lucy says Mr. Fillibaster sent in a purple Jell-O-Mold that has hairs on it, which she will not be eating right away. Then, Didi sees a Jell-O-Mold that looks like Paris and she wants to know who made it. Lucy says she created that one herself.

Susie shows Tommy her living room. Just then, Buster, Alisa, and Edwin run into the living room. Susie says to Tommy that the ones who were running around were her big brothers and her big sister. Another man carries a box that says "FRAGILE", but when he puts it down, glass shatters. Then, Susie shows Tommy her den. Then, Susie decides to show Tommy her bedroom. Susie opens the door only to see that there’s nothing in it. Susie starts crying again. Tommy says that Susie’s bedroom must be somewhere else in the house. Tommy’s words give Susie an idea. So Tommy and Susie check in some rooms to find her bedroom. The first room was actually a closet. The second was actually a staircase. The third was actually a bathroom.

In the living room, Lucy and Didi are trying to put up a new lamp. Susie tries to ask her mother where her room is, but Lucy says she’s busy. Meanwhile, Stu and Randy are carrying a box and Susie tries to ask her dad where her room is, but Randy says in a second. Susie really needs to find her room. Tommy says sometimes when he goes to sleep somewhere else, he wakes up and sees he’s back in his own room. Susie says that might work. Susie and Tommy sleep on the ground, but Susie wakes up only to see she’s still in the same place. Tommy then says sometimes when he leaves one of his toys on the ground, he comes back later and sees that it’s gone, and when he looks in his room, the toy is there. Susie says that also might work. Susie and Tommy hide behind a box and leave a wheeling toy on the ground. But the toy doesn’t move. Susie sadly says she’ll never find her room. Susie then said something that gave her an idea: maybe her room is still in the moving van! Susie and Tommy go inside the van only to see nothing is in there. Susie starts crying again. Tommy says Susie can play and sleep in his house. Susie says it’s not the same. Susie and Tommy are in a small cabinet, and it closes. Two men carry the cabinet, with Susie and Tommy in it!

The men carry the cabinet into a room, with Susie’s stuff in it! Susie is happy to have a room of her own.

Stu and Didi say goodbye to the Carmichaels. Susie then says goodbye to Tommy, and Tommy waves goodbye as the episode ends.


  • Susie cries three times in this episode.
  • Susie's first appearance was actually in the Rugrats 3D board game titled Rugrats Turn The House Upside Down because it was made in 1992, and this episode was made in 1993.
  • This is the first time ever on Nickelodeon history (if you don’t count You Can’t Do That on Television, which was not directly produced by Nickelodeon, but Nickelodeon aired it and it had full rights to it) that African-American/Black main characters are introduced on a scripted television series.
  • The Carmichael family were all designed by Antoine Guilbaud and John Holmquist.
  • Phil and Lil only appear in the beginning of the episode when they see the Peytons moving out of Funland, California.
  • Though Lucy Carmichael is revealed to be a successful pilot, chef, and surgeon when she’s talking with Didi, her actual profession isn't revealed until The Rugrats Movie.


  • While Lucy is trying to hang a lamp while talking to Didi, the close-up of her hand shows the wrong complexion.