Mr. Friend is a doll made by Stu Pickles


  • Stay away from squiggly worms; they're full of dirt and yucky germs.
  • Oh, boy; a brand new friend to meet. Let's wash our hands before we eat.
  • Let's all think of happy things and laugh and skip and dance and sing.
  • Rise and shine, you sleepy head; it's no fun to stay in bed.
  • A word of caution, if you please; don't kiss the cat when it has fleas.
  • You can call me Mr. Friend;  you'll never ever be bored again.
  • Hello, kiddies, rise and shine; I'm your friend, and you are mine.
  • Mr. Friend says,  please be fair;  no one gets hurt when you share.
  • Obey your parents, stay out of danger, take daily naps, don't talk to strangers.
  • Do your homework, study hard, and don't eat food that's cooked in lard.
  • Here I am; don't be blue, (and) I will sing a song for you. La la la la la la la... (sung to tune of "London Bridge")
  • Let's play a game of Hide and Seek; my turn to hide, but don't you peek.
  • Hey, little pal, it's time to play; we're going to have a happy day.