Savannah Violeta Shane is the most popular girl in school, who Angelica Pickles is jealous of (but it's been proved that Savannah's actually secretly jealous of Angelica). She often competes with Angelica, feeling she'll never lose, but Savannah never actually wins. Angelica is always saying Savannah invites her to her parties, in the TVIP (Totally Very Important Person), which isn't true. She is also one of the students in Angelica and Susie's preschool class in Rugrats Pre-School Daze. She is voiced by Shayna Fox.

DescriptionEdit Edit

Savannah is the leader of the popular crowd at the Rugrats' school. She is the girl Angelica attempts to emulate and the one who determines who is and isn't cool. First introduced in the All Grown Up! special as Angelica's friend "Samantha" who Chuckie has a crush on, we learn that now a few things (besides her name) have changed. Chuckie's interests now lie elsewhere, and Angelica and Savannah are not the good friends they were in the All Grown Up! Special. In fact, Savannah looks down on her since she has been a popular teen for much longer than Angelica has. - Klasky Csupo

Appearance Edit Edit

As a child her hair is tied up in six pigtails on top of her head, and is pulled back into two short ponytails. She wears a pink t shirt, and purple pants.

As a teenager she is characterized by her pink tank top, jean capris, black hi-top sneakers with purple laces. She has three pigtails similar to Kimi, except they are a little shaggier. She also has a short ponytail, which becomes looser in Season 2.

Trivia Edit Edit

  • She is obsessed with Señor Jumping Bean.