Terry McNulty is the second-oldest of the McNulty boys. He's about 3 years old, while little is ever seen or revealed about him, he can be considered something as a mirror Chuckie Finster of the McNulty boys. Terry has brothers named Timmy, Todd, Ty and Teddy. He is voiced by Grey DeLisle. He barely speaks in the show and is the most quietest of the McNulty boys the only time he speaks is when all of his brothers speak. He doesn't get as much screen time as his other brothers do and gets the least development of the McNulty brothers. In his first appearance, he is shown wearing a blue sweater with brown shorts and dark brown shoes. In his second appearance, he is shown wearing a light green sweater with blue shorts and purple shoes. However, in the later episodes, he is shown wearing dark clothes, but still wears the purple shoes.


  • Hes sorti like Chuckie but has round glassis and bumby hair.
  • Terry along with his brothers do not appear in All Grown Up! and they are not mentioned either.