The Santa Experience is a full-length episode of Rugrats from Season 2. It aired on December 6, 1992, and it’s the first Christmas episode of Rugrats.


The Rugrats and their parents go to the mountains to spend the Christmas holidays. Angelica, however, is skeptical of Santa Claus’ existence. Will Santa convince her otherwise? - Description from Klasky Csupo.


Part 1

It's a jolly, snowy day, and Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica, Stu, Chaz, and Drew are at the mall, waiting to see Santa. Chuckie is scared of Santa. Tommy says Santa isn’t someone to be afraid of. An elf asks who is next to see Santa. Angelica yells that it's her turn to see Santa, and cuts the line to see Santa. Angelica introduces herself to Santa. She says what she wants for Christmas: a luxurious haired Cynthia doll, a Teenage Nuclear Fusion Squad video game, a Rocco Mr. X Exploding Smash-Up Doll, a Beverly Hills Cynthia lunchbox, a pony, a 9-11 Surgical Kit with Working Stethoscope, and best of all, a Deluxe Cynthia Beach House with Real Working Hot Tub, Satellite Dish, Entertainment Center, and Attached Garage. Angelica thinks that the mall Santa is a fake, so she yanks off his beard. Angelica tells everyone to run because Santa is a fake.

Angelica opens a box that says "THANKS FOR SHOPPING". Inside the box was toys (not the ones on Angelica's list). Phil and Lil ask where Angelica got the box of toys. Angelica replies she got the box from Santa. Stu and Drew open the door. Drew thinks Angelica must be sad that the mall Santa was a fake. Angelica opens another box, but inside was a teddy bear. Angelica says Santa gave her nothing on her list, just a bunch of "junk".